I have been writing blog posts, on behalf of the two of us, for a little while now.

I do not suppose the quality has improved much in that time but we are gratified when people take note of what we have been doing. Clearly some posts get read. We appreciate feedback, say through a brief e-mail and will reply to any received (so long as they are not trying to sell something!)

Brian and Kanchan

(We ought to appologise to our French friends and colleagues that everything is in English at the moment. I will try to provide a bit of translation in time, but it will have to be accurate otherwise I will get 'negative feedback'.)



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On the whole I am not on the whole a great fan of digital manipulation but there is one set of images that I have made which I rather like. These are the composite colour pictures made up of several layers, which were inspired in the first place by my experiments with gum bichromate printing. A few examples are in the first, miscellaneous, gallery with the alternative processes group. This is a recent example

Post BoxPost BoxBanbury Spring 2000
House wall, shadow and post box

I have now put together a little book:-


By the way, this was my first serious experiment with BookWright so it was a bit of a learning experience! At the moment I am more comfortable with BookSmart.



Villedieu 2017-09-21



More from the Walls of Bristol

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Street Art is well and flourishing in Bristol.

Some of the work around Stokes Croft has already changed since our visit with the Missenden group in June.

We have now had an all too brief look at the area around North Street (BS3 - south of the River!) which hosted Upfest in July. The road is a fine, modest but thoroughly interesting urban high street, running more or less from the Steam Crane to the Tobacco Factory. I have posted a few images in the growing collection of Bristol Street Art. Here is one example

North St 2963North St 2963Street Art - there are six others currently in the gallery.

We hope to go back on day, before too many months have passed.


2017 Aug 28




Two Books - Bristol and Brussels

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In June we went across to Bristol to take part in a shoot with some colleagues from the Missenden group. The subject was the Gloucester Road, Cheltenham Road and of course Stokes Croft. A lot of digital photos were taken, of varying quality of course. Rather than clutter up the site with a lot of them I am posting a link to the Blurb book that I have just produced.


A select few may make it to the site in time.


Shortly after we went across to Bruxelles (Brussels) for a few days. The weather was excellent – perhaps a little too warm by the end. Again a lot of photographs resulted and after a fairly thorough triage a Blurb book of over 100 pages and over 200 images was put together.

That may be seen at



I have also put together a very small gallery of Bruxelles images but it is nearly impossible to make a selection of just 8 or so. La chasse aux dechetsLa chasse aux dechetsWall painting The few that I have put here at least show that the city retains a sense of humour!




6 July 2017.

Paper Negatives

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Wanting to make some more contact prints but not finding the transparency film I needed in any local shops I tried making some digital negatives on ordinary photocopier paper. From those I printed by contat a few images on Ilford MG RC paper.

The results are quite interesting with something of the texture of the paper showing through.

BHBH"Photo de Identite" I have made a small new gallery.





Digital negatives

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I have made digital negatives in the past, for example in order to make gum bichromate prints or occasionally cyanotypes. Recently I have tried making some digital negatives for more conventional printing.

Large digital negatives printed on transparency film by a laser or inkjet printer (being sure to have the right transparency film) can make for some straightforward contact printing in the darkroom. As a teaching tool this can give a partial introduction to darkroom work for those who have never use a film camera. 

What I wanted to do recently was to produce lith prints with an infrared film appearance. Having gone out to the Forest of Saint Sever I found, more or less by chance, a site I had not seen before. With good sunshine and young leaves on the trees it cried out for IR treatment, but I was without my film camera or IR film. A simple digital compact allowed me to get a few pleasant shots. Some of these I converted to simulation IR black and white files and printed a few large digital negatives for contact printing.

Lith print from digital originsLith print from digital originsForet de Saint sever
La motte du vieux chateau
This images was originally taken on a simple digital camera. The file then underwent resizing and conversion to black and white - simulation of IR - in Photoshop elements. A digital negative was then printed on a laser printer and that used to make a contact print in the darkroom. The image was printed on Foma 331 (RC) in lith developer.
Of course the print had to be scanned to get it back to digital form to allow it to be posted here.

This is probably the best example of the few that I printed. I need better transparency paper to make some more precise negatives, but this give an idea of what can be done.


Villedieu 26 May 2017

PS I have cleared out a few pictures that I felt did not need be on the site, and a couple of galleries. More tidying up should follow but it could mean a few links from other blog posts have been lost.