I have been writing blog posts, on behalf of the two of us, for a little while now.

I do not suppose the quality has improved much in that time but we are gratified when people take note of what we have been doing. Clearly some posts get read. We appreciate feedback, say through a brief e-mail and will reply to any received (so long as they are not trying to sell something!)

Brian and Kanchan

(We ought to appologise to our French friends and colleagues that everything is in English at the moment. I will try to provide a bit of translation in time, but it will have to be accurate otherwise I will get 'negative feedback'.)


Back into the Blue

November 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Having unearthed some of my old internegs I decided to have another go at making some Cyanotypes. The ready-made solution purchased from Firstcall was in my secure cupboard and some suitable paper was at hand. In fact I tried two or three papers but the Bristol Board was easily the most suitable. The internegs on the other hand were a bit mixed. Most had been prepared digitally via a laser printer which  did not always produce the most even results (see the portrait of the Civil War re-enactor). Moreover, the internegs had been prepared for Gum Bichromate printing and were not necessarily best suited to cyanotype. Anyway, I got some results. Sometime the paper washed out better than others. Maybe excessive coating or maybe leaving the paper too long before use is an issue. More experimentation is wanted but I have been encouraged by the results. (It helps to read the instructions.)

Le Bocage NormandLe Bocage NormandBuilding with corrugated iron
Cyanotype from digital interneg

More experiments must follow - but first I ought to make more big negatives as I still have a bit of sheet film somewhere in the basement!

Brian Hellyer

Villedieu 2017 Nov 17



The Algarve - a little book

October 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

At last the little Algarve Book has been put together


Not a great work of art photography, but a souvenir of the area with a range of photographs arranged more or less thematically.


Villedieu 30/10/17


Portugal 2017

October 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Two short visits to Portugal this year produced a good crop of images from which it has been difficult to select a representative sample. In the spring we went to Lisbon and more recently we spent a few days in Faro and the Algarve. The weather was hot, even in mid October, and that rather drained our energy but we did get out and about, by train, car and finally boat. 

A Blurb book of Lisbon was produced some time ago. As for the Algarve we have only just finished our first stage of sorting through our images. A book should result in time but until then I have managed to make a small gallery with just a few images to give a little flavour of what we saw.

AlgarveAlgarveFaro, nun

We may add a few more in time but not many. A book will probably prove a better vehicle for a collection of digital images.


Villedieu 22/10/2017


A little book of Algarve Street Art has just been produced. See


BH 24/10/2017




September 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

On the whole I am not on the whole a great fan of digital manipulation but there is one set of images that I have made which I rather like. These are the composite colour pictures made up of several layers, which were inspired in the first place by my experiments with gum bichromate printing. A few examples are in the first, miscellaneous, gallery with the alternative processes group. This is a recent example

Post BoxPost BoxBanbury Spring 2000
House wall, shadow and post box

I have now put together a little book:-


By the way, this was my first serious experiment with BookWright so it was a bit of a learning experience! At the moment I am more comfortable with BookSmart.



Villedieu 2017-09-21



More from the Walls of Bristol

August 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Street Art is well and flourishing in Bristol.

Some of the work around Stokes Croft has already changed since our visit with the Missenden group in June.

We have now had an all too brief look at the area around North Street (BS3 - south of the River!) which hosted Upfest in July. The road is a fine, modest but thoroughly interesting urban high street, running more or less from the Steam Crane to the Tobacco Factory. I have posted a few images in the growing collection of Bristol Street Art. Here is one example

North St 2963North St 2963Street Art - there are six others currently in the gallery.

We hope to go back on day, before too many months have passed.


2017 Aug 28