Brian Hellyer Photography: Blog en-us Brian & Kanchan Hellyer (Brian Hellyer Photography) Thu, 13 Apr 2017 07:48:00 GMT Thu, 13 Apr 2017 07:48:00 GMT Brian Hellyer Photography: Blog 90 120 Infrared etc - negs and prints Having now made a few prints from my recent infrared and stenopé negative I have put a few scanned prints next to some of the negative scans. This has means the gallery has been renamed slightly.

The exercise raises the question of whether it is worth making silver gelatine prints when the digital images can be manipulated (improved?) in the computer and printed with a reasonable inkjet printer.

HambyeHambyeInfrared negative scanned
Taken 2017 April 9 in bright sunshine

Hambye IR PrintHambye IR Printon Adox RC

I do not think the computer can match a (good) lith print although one can make a sort of imitation lith effect by digital manipulation. The chemical route here is more interesting because of the variety of results possible given the many variables involved.

As for straightforward black and white prints I am less sure ...



13 April 2017


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Infrared etc The weather is getting better and in particular the light has recently been more propitious to photographing on film again.

I have been able to carry out a couple of little essays into shooting with film. A couple of weeks ago I bought one of M Leclerc's pinhole cameras - Larouge 135 and have had a couple of goes at making it work. The first time I overexposed everything but on Friday (7 April) I did rather better taking some pictures in the late afternoon sun near the river in Villedieu.

Yesterday (9 April) we went to the Abbey of Hambye on a bright and decidedly warm afternoon. I took my trusty Nikon FM with a Rollei Infrared film and of course the customary red filter. In both cases I have been able to develop and scan the films but have not yet has the opportunity to print any of the frames properly. Some are promising so I have posted some of the negative scans on the site, in a new gallery.

StenopĂ© (pinhole) - from negativeStenopé (pinhole) - from negativeVilledieu
Taken with a Larouge 135
on Ilford FP4 - scanned from negative
HambyeHambyeInfrared negative scanned
Taken 2017 April 9 in bright sunshine

In theory the scans should not stay very long, just until I am able to make decent prints and to display some of them. With the preparations for the Pont-Farcy club expo in May still in progress they will have to wait a little.



2017 April 10


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England Overlooked - the book The book mentioned earlier has at last been sent to Blurb and should be available for preview at

It is a bit of a mixture, but then so is the country itself.

We have not taken many new pictures recently but I have added a couple more recent prints to the ‘lith’ gallery.


Perhaps a book of my 40 or 50 favourite lith prints may be in order before too long. I think they look better on paper than on screen.



Villedieu 2017-03-22


]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) Anglleterre Enlgand Lith argentique silver halide Wed, 22 Mar 2017 15:20:06 GMT
A bit more Street Art Having noticed some street art under the M32 by Stapleton Road, Bristol, I was pleased to have the opportunity to stop and take a few photos on our way to St Marks Road. 

Bristol street ArtBristolWe are golden Under the M32, beside Stapleton Road

The light under the elevated motorway was not wonderful but I have added this one image to the gallery as well as a rather surreal piece of wall painting in St Mark's Road itself.



2017 March 04


]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) Bristol M32 St Marks Rd Stapleton Rd Street Art Sat, 04 Mar 2017 17:26:35 GMT
England Overlooked Since making a book of images from England taken at the end of the 20th century (This England) I have become aware of quite a few negatives that were overlooked in that first exercise or which were taken a few years later. These I am in the process of organising and often of printing. Many but not all of the prints are produced using lith developer on suitable warm papers. The images are often quite banal, of unexceptional places and events. Others do show some of the grandeur of the cities but these are rarer and may be seen as providing some contrast to the everyday views.

While the work is in progress I thought to make a gallery of some of these prints, entitled England Overlooked, a title which I intend to give to a Blurb book eventually. This gallery is within the England group.

Buckingham 2000-lith-005-2Buckingham 2000-lith-005-2

To make up for putting even more images on the site I have started, rather tentatively, to delete images from other collections. In doing so I will reduce the digital content and try to concentrate more on argentique, or silver halide, processes.


Villedieu 2017 February 10


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A new blurb book by Kanchan A new Blurb Book has just been produced

It may be viewed (we hope) at:-


This is a selection of Kanchan’s images on B&W film from visits to coastal towns with the Missenden Photographers (from the 2 year course to the ASG), from 1992 to 2004.

It is a substantial book of over 100 pages and makes an interesting comparison with her recent smaller book fo digital images from the coasts of Normandy in 2016.



B & K H


6 January


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More Lith Experiments Having bought some new paper, and also having rediscovered some old which I had not used for a while. I tried yesterday a few little experiments with lith developer.

Ilford Multigrade Art paper on a Hahnemuhle base is clearly a lovely paper for normal printing but suspecting it had a bit of warmth I decided to try it in the lith dev. It did develop in about the same time (5 or 6 minutes) that I would have expected from more the papers I have normally used for this process. The images is less warm than I might have hope for but it has a certain equality that makes further experimentation likely.

Oxford 1992Oxford 1992Oxford November 1992
Missenden ASG shoot
on Ilford MG Art

Some Foma 331 RC paper had been hiding on my shelves for a while. Normally I would not think of using RC paper for lith work but I had a go and the results were better than I had expected.

Oxford 1992Oxford 1992Oxford November 1992
Missenden ASG shoot
On Foma 331

Both photos come from a Missenden ASG shoot at Oxford in November 1992 - which I had also more or less forgotten!



2017 February 08



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More from the Walls of Bristol The very cold weather in Normandy kept us indoors when braver folk were our photographing winter landscapes. With the return to milder but damper conditions we have come over to Bristol for the weekend.

On visiting the Indian shop in St Marks Road(for food supplies) we came across an alley of artworks that we had hitherto overlooked. We had to take some pictures and I have added a few to the site.

Bristol BS5Bristol BS5Off St Mark's Road, the surprised magician

Having recently made one Blurb book of images from the walls of Bristol I thought the subject might be put to rest for a bit but there is clearly more to be done!



29 Jan 2017


]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) BS5 Brsitol Easton St Mark's Rd Street Art Sun, 29 Jan 2017 18:06:25 GMT
A new Book - By Kanchan A new Blurb Book has just been produced

The preview maybe viewed at:-

(all pages)


This is a selection of Kanchan’s images on B&W film from visits to coastal towns with the Missenden Photographers (from the 2 year course to the ASG+), from 1992 to 2004.

2003 Bognor2003 BognorPier - Lith Print

It is a substantial book of over 100 pages and makes an interesting comparison with her recent smaller book of digital images from the coasts of Normandy in 2016.


B & K H


7 January

]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) Coast Missenden Monochrome Fri, 06 Jan 2017 15:55:00 GMT
Latest Books, at the end of 2016 We have been busy over the last week or two putting together two collections of images, mainly from 2016. Both are now presented as Blurb books and may be previewed at

for our selection of Street Art images, including some laser transfers


for my "argentique" pictures from around the coasts of the Calvados and the Manche. This complements Kanchan's earlier book of digital images on the same subject.

I know it may not appear to be the season for thinking about the seaside but it seemed appropriate to round off and present this year's work on this theme.

2017 is impending. New projects will emerge and some of the existing ones will be extended. I have just added a couple more Street Art Laser Transfer images to the appropriate gallery. This is one of them:-

Bristol Street Art 2014Bristol Street Art 2014Clockwork, Laser Transfer

At this time we wish our friends and colleagues

Bonne Année et Bon Santé!


Brian and Kanchan H.

2016 December 28



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Bristol - Street Art Now that we are sometimes in Bristol we have time to photograph some of the sights of the city and recently we made a bit of an effort to add to our collection of street art. The area around Gloucester Road, Cheltenham Road and Stokes Croft is particualrly rich in this regard. Moreover, on returning home I was able to resurect my colour laser printer. I was delighted to find that it had a reasonable amount of toner in it and that it no longer issued smoke when printing. (Presumably some accumulated dust had burned off last time I tried using it.) Hence the chance arose to try to make some more laser transfer prints. We think the first of the new attempts worked pretty well so we have posted some in a new gallery.

Street Art - Laser TransferStreet Art - Laser TransferBristol Street Art - Laser Transfer

To these will be added copies of some earlier discoveries and some straightforward digital images on the same theme. With much to choose from it is difficult not to get a bit carried away. Doubtless a little Blurb book will follow.


Villedieu 2016 December 17



]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) Bristol Laser Transfer Street Art Sat, 17 Dec 2016 17:27:21 GMT
By the Seaside Of late we have made a number of trips to the seaside – Poole in the company of some of the Missenden Photographers and a few of the places in our corner of Normandy that are in easy reach.

The definitive group book of Poole in production and we look forward to seeing that. In the mean time we have put together our own memento of the town. It may be seen at

I must replace my temporary Poole gallery with some new images in a permanent position.

Here in France I have made a point of photographing on film and often of printing with lith developer on suitable papers. This should in time become a substantial project but in the interim I have produced a little book of some of the images taken hors saison. The results can be seen here

A larger book may follow next year if we manage to get to more of the locations on my (mental) list, at appropriate times.


Villedieu 2016-11-17


]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) Blurb books Missenden Photgraphers Normandy Coast Poole lith seaside Thu, 17 Nov 2016 17:10:38 GMT
Printing Out More autumn sunshine made me think of trying some printing out processes again. Cyanotypes work well enough from medium format negatives but having found a bit of ancient Centennial Printing out Paper in our archives I wanted to give that a go.

After many years of not very careful storage the paper was not in the best condition. Nor did we have any of the gold toner that can help stabilise the image, but I tried it nevertheless. I soon found that it was easier to work with an ultra-violet lamp than to rely on the sun which at this time of year is not so intense as one would like. It was also clear that with our rather tired paper good, contrasty negatives were wanted. I made one image from a digital interneg  that I had produced long ago when working on gum bichromate prints. That worked well enough.

Portrait on PoPPortrait on PoPPortrait from digital interneg, on centennial PoP, selenium toned

The print was washed and then toned in some selenium toner in place of the usual gold, then fixed in some straightforward hypo, for quite a short time. I hope the result proves stable, but in case it is not I scanned it as soon as possible.

Prints direct from recent medium format negatives worked less well but with more patience I might get better results. The few prints that I did get wanted some digital enhancement after scanning so I have added just one to the gallery.

News from the recent Missenden Photographers trip to Poole should follow before long. In the meanwhile I think we will be off to the seaside in Normandie.

BH Villedieu 31 October 2016


]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) Alternative processes Photography PoP Printing out Printing out Paper heliography Mon, 31 Oct 2016 12:14:28 GMT
The last of the Kentmere Warmtone I suppose having some good photographic paper left in store is a bit like have fine wine laid down in the cave. Eventually it has to be used and when it is gone it is gone. Well I had a few sheets of Kentmere Warmtone left and decided, with some negatives that might benefit from lith printing, to use them us this morning. Hence I have been able to add a couple more pictures from Hameau Gruchy and a couple from the Calvados coast to the Lith collection. I admit that this has now got rather large - almost out of hand - and promise myself to do something eventually to sort it out. Anyway I am quite pleased with what I have got. For example

GruchyGruchyHameau Gruchy

on Kentmere warmtone
and for the sense of fin de saison at the coast

Riva Bella - fin de saisonRiva Bella - fin de saisonRiva Bella

on Kentmere warmtone
(I do not think this one was quite flat when I scanned it).

So, no more Kentmere to make lith prints with but we have a bit of Art Classic in reserve and this works well with the beach scenes.

I look forward to being able to take another roll or two of film when the weather permits.


Villedieu  14 Oct 2016



]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) lith Fri, 14 Oct 2016 14:08:24 GMT
More Little Books We have just finished making two little Blurb books.

The first is the result of three visits to Gloucester in August and September of this year. It may be previewed at

The second has been put together from images gathered during our visits to Oxford for the Missenden Monopoly shoots. A few of the images will be found in the “official” Oxford Monopoly book from Brian Nevitt and the Missenden Photographers. It may also be previewed on the Blurb site

These are not intended to be great works of art, rather they may give just a little flavour of the places and what caught our attention.


Brian Hellyer

Villedieu 09/10/16

]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) Sun, 09 Oct 2016 16:29:26 GMT
Lith Printing once more A little suitable paper remains in our reserve, including our last few sheets of the much missed Kentmere Warmtone.

Having recently developed a film of miscellaneous shots from this year including some beach huts and a few frames from our recent visit to Hameau Gruchy (the birthplace of J-F Millet) I decided to mix some lith developer again and put it to work. At the same time I took the opportunity to reprint some of Kanchan's earlier pictures from Missenden seaside shoots. This is part of a bigger ongoing project. As ever the results were mixed, but this print of Bosham Church is quite successful.

Bosham 3Bosham 3Bosham church by KH, 2003

On Kentmere warmtone
The process also works well for the beach huts.

Riva Bella 1Riva Bella 1Riva Bella cabanes de plage


Lith Print
A few more images have been added to the ever-growing gallery of lith prints.


Villedieu 2016 October 05


]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) France Lith Wed, 05 Oct 2016 14:34:08 GMT
Looking up in Gloucester Yesterday it being a fine September day we drove to Gloucester.

There was plenty of parking in the city centre - once we found the way in. There was plenty to photograph, although this time we avoided the historic docks. Instead we concentrated on the centre and the impressive cathedral. So far I have posted just a few images of what may be seen by looking upward a little.

Gloucester WatchmakerGloucester WatchmakerGloucester

There is much more. Doubtless in time a little book will result but we want to go back to photograph more.


2016 Sept 18

PS I have now added 4 of Kanchan's looking down pictures.




]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) Sun, 18 Sep 2016 10:11:57 GMT
More from the Archives BCNCyanotype by K We have not posted much lately, not because we have been idle but because there has not been much time to do anything coherent in the way of photography while we have been getting our Bristol flat in order.

However, we have now been able to spend a bit of time at home in France and have started to sort through part of Kanchan’s archive from the Missenden photography courses. Already one book had been produced

A book on the group shoots, mainly at the seaside, should follow in time but this is proving a more complex task.

In the meanwhile I have added a few of K’s exquisite cyanotype prints to the site.




10 Sept 2016


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La Gacilly Expo 2016 Yesterday was a fine summer’s day and we went down to La Gacilly to see this year’s photo exhibition. 2016 features Japan and the Oceans as its two central themes. The work of the Japanese photographers hither to unknown to us was a revelation. As usual I have put a few images on the site to give an idea of what it is about.

La Gacilly - Polar OceansLa Gacilly - Polar OceansLa Gacilly 2016

There is more information on the official site at


In the end we saw much of the expo but too much walking around in the heat becomes tiring and with so much to see a second visit later in the season seems necessary.



Villedieu, 7 July 2016


]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) La Gacilly expo photo Thu, 07 Jul 2016 06:09:05 GMT
Back to the Seaside Yesterday afternoon was sunny and warm, at Caen if not at Villedieu.

We had gone to the city for a most excellent presentation on the colour images in the collection of the Ardi. After that we went to see briefly a small expo of photos in the old Tithe Barn in the centre of Ouistreham. This town centre deserves exploration as we usually miss it completely when going to and from the ferry port. 

Finally we went down to Riva Bella to walk around by the beach. The place was coming to life in the warmth of the June sunshine but it was not overcrowded. Among the traditional seaside attractions - pony rides, karting, mini-golf et cetera there were reminders of a different past when the beach had seen part of the D-day landings. An impressive sand statue made the point rather well.

OuistrehamSand Sculpture

I have yet to develop my film so a few digital shots have been put on the site, in France - Coasts.


12 June 2016

]]> (Brian Hellyer Photography) D-Day Ouistreham Riva Bella Sun, 12 Jun 2016 05:38:14 GMT