Brian Hellyer Photography: Blog en-us Brian & Kanchan Hellyer (Brian Hellyer Photography) Thu, 12 Apr 2018 09:14:00 GMT Thu, 12 Apr 2018 09:14:00 GMT Brian Hellyer Photography: Blog 90 120 La Toscana Being unable to do much new photography I have been looking back at the archives. In doing so I was reminded that in 2006 we took a packaged holiday to Florence and thereabouts. While I soon, on my return, started working on my film images I had also taken a simple digital camera - a Powershot A20 - and so had a collection of digital images that deserved to be shown the light of day.

I have of course made a little book with a selection of these photos plus a few laser transfers recently produced from them. The results may be seen at

Perhaps some of the images will find their way onto the site in time.

Brian Hellyer


12 April 2018

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Back to Poole We passed through Poole (again) on our way back home at the Easter weekend. The weather was rather on the grey side but I managed a few photos. None are (yet) on the site but there is a little book in production.




April 2018-04-04

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Back to Photo Books Having been unwell for the first months of this year I have been in no position to add to my website. However, as I become a little more mobile and confident I thought I should get back to producing photo books.


My latest little book is to be seen at

This is the outcome of an idea that I had been thinking about for some time, but it is an idea that I hope to refine over time. For the moment it has been a bit of a therapeutic exercise after my brain haemorrhage, with some images being digital shots from the window of our flat showing passers-by on Hayes Way, opposite. I rather like the images in the snow.

Brian Hellyer

21 March 2018



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Back into the Blue Having unearthed some of my old internegs I decided to have another go at making some Cyanotypes. The ready-made solution purchased from Firstcall was in my secure cupboard and some suitable paper was at hand. In fact I tried two or three papers but the Bristol Board was easily the most suitable. The internegs on the other hand were a bit mixed. Most had been prepared digitally via a laser printer which  did not always produce the most even results (see the portrait of the Civil War re-enactor). Moreover, the internegs had been prepared for Gum Bichromate printing and were not necessarily best suited to cyanotype. Anyway, I got some results. Sometime the paper washed out better than others. Maybe excessive coating or maybe leaving the paper too long before use is an issue. More experimentation is wanted but I have been encouraged by the results. (It helps to read the instructions.)

Le Bocage NormandLe Bocage NormandBuilding with corrugated iron
Cyanotype from digital interneg

More experiments must follow - but first I ought to make more big negatives as I still have a bit of sheet film somewhere in the basement!

Brian Hellyer

Villedieu 2017 Nov 17



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The Algarve - a little book At last the little Algarve Book has been put together

Not a great work of art photography, but a souvenir of the area with a range of photographs arranged more or less thematically.


Villedieu 30/10/17


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Portugal 2017 Two short visits to Portugal this year produced a good crop of images from which it has been difficult to select a representative sample. In the spring we went to Lisbon and more recently we spent a few days in Faro and the Algarve. The weather was hot, even in mid October, and that rather drained our energy but we did get out and about, by train, car and finally boat. 

A Blurb book of Lisbon was produced some time ago. As for the Algarve we have only just finished our first stage of sorting through our images. A book should result in time but until then I have managed to make a small gallery with just a few images to give a little flavour of what we saw.

AlgarveAlgarveFaro, nun

We may add a few more in time but not many. A book will probably prove a better vehicle for a collection of digital images.


Villedieu 22/10/2017


A little book of Algarve Street Art has just been produced. See

BH 24/10/2017



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Transformations On the whole I am not on the whole a great fan of digital manipulation but there is one set of images that I have made which I rather like. These are the composite colour pictures made up of several layers, which were inspired in the first place by my experiments with gum bichromate printing. A few examples are in the first, miscellaneous, gallery with the alternative processes group. This is a recent example

Post BoxPost BoxBanbury Spring 2000
House wall, shadow and post box

I have now put together a little book:-

By the way, this was my first serious experiment with BookWright so it was a bit of a learning experience! At the moment I am more comfortable with BookSmart.



Villedieu 2017-09-21



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More from the Walls of Bristol Street Art is well and flourishing in Bristol.

Some of the work around Stokes Croft has already changed since our visit with the Missenden group in June.

We have now had an all too brief look at the area around North Street (BS3 - south of the River!) which hosted Upfest in July. The road is a fine, modest but thoroughly interesting urban high street, running more or less from the Steam Crane to the Tobacco Factory. I have posted a few images in the growing collection of Bristol Street Art. Here is one example

North St 2963North St 2963Street Art - there are six others currently in the gallery.

We hope to go back on day, before too many months have passed.


2017 Aug 28




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Two Books - Bristol and Brussels In June we went across to Bristol to take part in a shoot with some colleagues from the Missenden group. The subject was the Gloucester Road, Cheltenham Road and of course Stokes Croft. A lot of digital photos were taken, of varying quality of course. Rather than clutter up the site with a lot of them I am posting a link to the Blurb book that I have just produced.

A select few may make it to the site in time.


Shortly after we went across to Bruxelles (Brussels) for a few days. The weather was excellent – perhaps a little too warm by the end. Again a lot of photographs resulted and after a fairly thorough triage a Blurb book of over 100 pages and over 200 images was put together.

That may be seen at


I have also put together a very small gallery of Bruxelles images but it is nearly impossible to make a selection of just 8 or so. La chasse aux dechetsLa chasse aux dechetsWall painting The few that I have put here at least show that the city retains a sense of humour!




6 July 2017.

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Paper Negatives Wanting to make some more contact prints but not finding the transparency film I needed in any local shops I tried making some digital negatives on ordinary photocopier paper. From those I printed by contat a few images on Ilford MG RC paper.

The results are quite interesting with something of the texture of the paper showing through.

BHBH"Photo de Identite" I have made a small new gallery.





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Digital negatives I have made digital negatives in the past, for example in order to make gum bichromate prints or occasionally cyanotypes. Recently I have tried making some digital negatives for more conventional printing.

Large digital negatives printed on transparency film by a laser or inkjet printer (being sure to have the right transparency film) can make for some straightforward contact printing in the darkroom. As a teaching tool this can give a partial introduction to darkroom work for those who have never use a film camera. 

What I wanted to do recently was to produce lith prints with an infrared film appearance. Having gone out to the Forest of Saint Sever I found, more or less by chance, a site I had not seen before. With good sunshine and young leaves on the trees it cried out for IR treatment, but I was without my film camera or IR film. A simple digital compact allowed me to get a few pleasant shots. Some of these I converted to simulation IR black and white files and printed a few large digital negatives for contact printing.

Lith print from digital originsLith print from digital originsForet de Saint sever
La motte du vieux chateau
This images was originally taken on a simple digital camera. The file then underwent resizing and conversion to black and white - simulation of IR - in Photoshop elements. A digital negative was then printed on a laser printer and that used to make a contact print in the darkroom. The image was printed on Foma 331 (RC) in lith developer.
Of course the print had to be scanned to get it back to digital form to allow it to be posted here.

This is probably the best example of the few that I printed. I need better transparency paper to make some more precise negatives, but this give an idea of what can be done.


Villedieu 26 May 2017

PS I have cleared out a few pictures that I felt did not need be on the site, and a couple of galleries. More tidying up should follow but it could mean a few links from other blog posts have been lost.


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London, Lisbon and Pont-Farcy We have not added much to this site of late.
This is partly because we have been preparing the exhibition of the Club Photo de Pont-Farcy, as well as working on the club website

However we have been out and about a bit. A photo shoot with some Missenden colleagues on April 22nd was followed by a short visit to Lisbon. Images from both have now been distilled into two Blurb books:-

Our Isle of Dogs Book may be seen at

and the Lisbon book

An “official” Missenden Photographers book of the Isle of Dogs shoot is in preparation.



14 May 2017

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Infrared etc - negs and prints Having now made a few prints from my recent infrared and stenopé negative I have put a few scanned prints next to some of the negative scans. This has means the gallery has been renamed slightly.

The exercise raises the question of whether it is worth making silver gelatine prints when the digital images can be manipulated (improved?) in the computer and printed with a reasonable inkjet printer.

HambyeHambyeInfrared negative scanned
Taken 2017 April 9 in bright sunshine

Hambye IR PrintHambye IR Printon Adox RC

I do not think the computer can match a (good) lith print although one can make a sort of imitation lith effect by digital manipulation. The chemical route here is more interesting because of the variety of results possible given the many variables involved.

As for straightforward black and white prints I am less sure ...



13 April 2017


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Infrared etc The weather is getting better and in particular the light has recently been more propitious to photographing on film again.

I have been able to carry out a couple of little essays into shooting with film. A couple of weeks ago I bought one of M Leclerc's pinhole cameras - Larouge 135 and have had a couple of goes at making it work. The first time I overexposed everything but on Friday (7 April) I did rather better taking some pictures in the late afternoon sun near the river in Villedieu.

Yesterday (9 April) we went to the Abbey of Hambye on a bright and decidedly warm afternoon. I took my trusty Nikon FM with a Rollei Infrared film and of course the customary red filter. In both cases I have been able to develop and scan the films but have not yet has the opportunity to print any of the frames properly. Some are promising so I have posted some of the negative scans on the site, in a new gallery.

StenopĂ© (pinhole) - from negativeStenopé (pinhole) - from negativeVilledieu
Taken with a Larouge 135
on Ilford FP4 - scanned from negative
HambyeHambyeInfrared negative scanned
Taken 2017 April 9 in bright sunshine

In theory the scans should not stay very long, just until I am able to make decent prints and to display some of them. With the preparations for the Pont-Farcy club expo in May still in progress they will have to wait a little.



2017 April 10


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England Overlooked - the book The book mentioned earlier has at last been sent to Blurb and should be available for preview at

It is a bit of a mixture, but then so is the country itself.

We have not taken many new pictures recently but I have added a couple more recent prints to the ‘lith’ gallery.


Perhaps a book of my 40 or 50 favourite lith prints may be in order before too long. I think they look better on paper than on screen.



Villedieu 2017-03-22


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A bit more Street Art Having noticed some street art under the M32 by Stapleton Road, Bristol, I was pleased to have the opportunity to stop and take a few photos on our way to St Marks Road. 

Bristol street ArtBristolWe are golden Under the M32, beside Stapleton Road

The light under the elevated motorway was not wonderful but I have added this one image to the gallery as well as a rather surreal piece of wall painting in St Mark's Road itself.



2017 March 04


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England Overlooked Since making a book of images from England taken at the end of the 20th century (This England) I have become aware of quite a few negatives that were overlooked in that first exercise or which were taken a few years later. These I am in the process of organising and often of printing. Many but not all of the prints are produced using lith developer on suitable warm papers. The images are often quite banal, of unexceptional places and events. Others do show some of the grandeur of the cities but these are rarer and may be seen as providing some contrast to the everyday views.

While the work is in progress I thought to make a gallery of some of these prints, entitled England Overlooked, a title which I intend to give to a Blurb book eventually. This gallery is within the England group.

Buckingham 2000-lith-005-2Buckingham 2000-lith-005-2

To make up for putting even more images on the site I have started, rather tentatively, to delete images from other collections. In doing so I will reduce the digital content and try to concentrate more on argentique, or silver halide, processes.


Villedieu 2017 February 10


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A new blurb book by Kanchan A new Blurb Book has just been produced

It may be viewed (we hope) at:-


This is a selection of Kanchan’s images on B&W film from visits to coastal towns with the Missenden Photographers (from the 2 year course to the ASG), from 1992 to 2004.

It is a substantial book of over 100 pages and makes an interesting comparison with her recent smaller book fo digital images from the coasts of Normandy in 2016.



B & K H


6 January


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More Lith Experiments Having bought some new paper, and also having rediscovered some old which I had not used for a while. I tried yesterday a few little experiments with lith developer.

Ilford Multigrade Art paper on a Hahnemuhle base is clearly a lovely paper for normal printing but suspecting it had a bit of warmth I decided to try it in the lith dev. It did develop in about the same time (5 or 6 minutes) that I would have expected from more the papers I have normally used for this process. The images is less warm than I might have hope for but it has a certain equality that makes further experimentation likely.

Oxford 1992Oxford 1992Oxford November 1992
Missenden ASG shoot
on Ilford MG Art

Some Foma 331 RC paper had been hiding on my shelves for a while. Normally I would not think of using RC paper for lith work but I had a go and the results were better than I had expected.

Oxford 1992Oxford 1992Oxford November 1992
Missenden ASG shoot
On Foma 331

Both photos come from a Missenden ASG shoot at Oxford in November 1992 - which I had also more or less forgotten!



2017 February 08



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More from the Walls of Bristol The very cold weather in Normandy kept us indoors when braver folk were our photographing winter landscapes. With the return to milder but damper conditions we have come over to Bristol for the weekend.

On visiting the Indian shop in St Marks Road(for food supplies) we came across an alley of artworks that we had hitherto overlooked. We had to take some pictures and I have added a few to the site.

Bristol BS5Bristol BS5Off St Mark's Road, the surprised magician

Having recently made one Blurb book of images from the walls of Bristol I thought the subject might be put to rest for a bit but there is clearly more to be done!



29 Jan 2017


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