Around the Cotentin

June 14, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday being a fine day we took a drive around part of the Cotentin, stopping to lunch at Carteret and driving across to the Maison du Parc at St Come, near Carentan. We had not  been to either for quite a while.

Stopping at Pirou Plage on the way up we were surprised to see a building development near the beach - practically on the dunes - clearly abandoned. Pirou PlagePirou PlageThey were going to build here ...

Whether this was a result of the winter storm I do not know but would not be surprised. At Carteret, near the port, the dunes were certainly in had clearly been damaged and were in the process of being re-established. Access was therefore forbidden. CarteretCarteretDunes under reconstruction - after the winter storms

More pleasingly, when we got to St Come we saw something that we had much hoped to see - one of the storks flying right overhead, just after we had got out of the van and had cameras in hand!

It is only a 'grab shot' but the moral is always carry a camera - just in case...


June 14, 2014




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