Back to the coasts

November 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

In terms of weather the weekend here was not too bad. Despite the actions of the barbarians in Paris life goes on.

We wanted to go to a couple of exhibitions recently opened in Caen on Saturday. While there we took the opportunity to go down to Riva Bella again. As we got there it started to drizzle so we did not venture too far. A few hardy folk, especially dog walkers, were to be met at the beach but they were not numerous.

Riva BellaRiva BellaRiva Bella

Sunday was unexpectedly sunny. We went to Granville in search of another expo which we failed to locate, but we did manage to get some photographs of the beach, seen from the Haute Ville. Then we went on to Saint Pair where again a few hardy souls were benefitting from the November sun on the beach and promenade.

Promenade - in NovemberSt PairSt Pair

The weather now looks set to take a turn for the worse so we are pleased to have had this chance to add to our out of season seaside images.


November 16






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