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The streets present a fertile area for photography, especially where the interaction of people with their urban environment can be recorded. Ideally a single image should suggest some sort of narrative. Sometimes the story is obvious, sometimes it requires the reader to use their imagination and fill in the details of events as they might have been.
These images were all taken on B&W film which has been scanned. Some were taken from the top of a double-deck bus. Some were taken on the Lomo camera. The technical quality is therefore not wonderful but the content is usually more important in this type of image.
More recent digital images - in particular those of the Morris Dancers in Villedieu (great fun) - have been added. Other strett photographs are to be found in the Romania and India sets.

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Brighton, October 1993London, Summer 2000London, Summer 2000London, East Ham, April 2001London, East Ham, August 2001East London, April 2001East London, April 2001Stratford Road, Birmingham, April 2002Stratford Road, Birmingham, April 2002London July 2002 (Lomo)Banbury, August 2002The "Grand Sacre", Villedieu 2008Morris DancingMorris Dancing - Stick DanceBroom DanceDancer restingCeremonial Hat - example no 1Ceremonial Hat - example no 2Aggression..... all in fun