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I have been writing blog posts, on behalf of the two of us, for a little while now.

I do not suppose the quality has improved much in that time but we are gratified when people take note of what we have been doing. Clearly some posts get read. We appreciate feedback, say through a brief e-mail and will reply to any received (so long as they are not trying to sell something!)

Brian and Kanchan

(We ought to appologise to our French friends and colleagues that everything is in English at the moment. I will try to provide a bit of translation in time, but it will have to be accurate otherwise I will get 'negative feedback'.)


Brick Lane

August 05, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We have not quite given up on taking photos, despite problems of heath and advancing age.

During a recent visit to England we were able to join some former colleagues from Missenden Abbey on a shoot at Brick Lane, East London. It was a hot day and we only managed to see part of what is quite a long road. We saw, and photographed, enough to make the trip well worthwhile.

In time a joint book of the shoot will emerge. In the meanwhile we have put together our own book of a selection of our own images which gives some impression of the place, It may be previewed at


(I had some difficulty in entering this link so I just hope it works.)

So far I have not added any pictures of Brick Lane to the site, but hope to do so in time,


Villedieu  05/08/2018


A change of direction

May 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Having had a few new attempts at making laser transfer images we have decided to give that a rest for a little bit. In order to put some images together, and to make something vaguely useful, we have produced a diary for the coming academic year


which was uploaded 26 may ‘18

However, I am aware that at the end of 2017, before I was struck down as it were, we were working on more cyanotypes. A Blurb book of cyanotypes


was produced in December 2017 but the work is far from finished. The relevant gallery had not been updated for a while and there are plenty more images that might have been included, and doubtless more to come. Today I produced a couple of trial prints, including this one:-

Bristol (B)Bristol (B)bristol street art
Cyanotype by BH - printed May 2018

Despite some very poor coating of the paper this has worked quite well so we are encouraged to try some more in the next few weeks, before getting back to laser transfers. If the cyanotype process takes a bit longer at least there are no noxious fumes to inhale!

BH   Villedieu   2018 May 27


May 19, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

There are far too many pictures here - and enough indifferent examples to make a bit of house keeping necessary.

I have started to get rid of some images and even a couple of complete galleries so a few old blog links may have been broken. On the other hand we go on adding laser transfers which seem to be our main photographic concern of the moment. Here is a recent one by Kanchan, a bit of street art found under the M32 at Easton, Bristol

Bristol Easton 2018Bristol Easton 2018Street Art

Brian Hellyer

Villedieu 20 may 2016

Yet More Laser Transfers

May 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Not being able to get out much for the first part of the year my photographic activity started with imaging nearby objects, such a tulips from the garden here in Villedieu (the tulips did well this year).

Then with my ability to drive re-established we were able to go across to Bristol briefly in early May where we found some new street art under the M32 near Easton. Again some of these have been rendered as Laser Transfer images - after I persuaded myself to buy a new colour laser printer.

Some of the results have been posted on the site - the first new images for a long time! Here is one example

Bristol-M32-02Bristol-M32-02Street art - under the M32 at Easton


And more from K

Lisbon 2017Lisbon 2017Poster
Laser Print Scanned


Villedieu - updated 22 May 2018


La Toscana

April 12, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Being unable to do much new photography I have been looking back at the archives. In doing so I was reminded that in 2006 we took a packaged holiday to Florence and thereabouts. While I soon, on my return, started working on my film images I had also taken a simple digital camera - a Powershot A20 - and so had a collection of digital images that deserved to be shown the light of day.

I have of course made a little book with a selection of these photos plus a few laser transfers recently produced from them. The results may be seen at


Perhaps some of the images will find their way onto the site in time.

Brian Hellyer


12 April 2018