Exeter and its Cathedral

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Having one day spare at the end of our latest visit to England we took the train down to Exeter. It takes only an hour and 20 minutes from Gillingham to Queen Street (for some time called Exeter Central) and from there it is but a short walk to the High Street and the Cathedral Close. It was the Cathedral that we had come principally to see and photograph.

The building is very fine, although there are some fairly major repairs in progress at the moment they did not pose a major problem. The Cathedral seems very welcoming to photographers. The interior space is magnificent and there are lots of details to interest the photographer, inside and outside. The Café is also rather good.

Exeter 1Exeter 1Exeter - inside the cathedral

In Exeter that day there was also one game of the Rugby world Cup being played - Namibia v Tonga. If there cannot have been huge numbers present from either of those nations about there were plenty of other Rugby fans in evidence, and a more policemen than one is used to seeing. It all added to the atmosphere on a beautifully sunny autumn day.

We are still working through our pictures but I have put a few on the site. In time we hope to have made a little Blurb book, to go with those of Salisbury and Wells, and Ely which we have yet to start work on.


Villedieu 1 October 2015



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