Seen through a glass dirtily

November 08, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I like photographing in town from a moving bus, partly because it provides a sort of anonymity.

We went to London again yesterday (Sunday 7th) and the weather was foul most of the time. Just at the end of the afternoon the skies started to clear and there was some glorious light on Trafalgar Square as we passed in a less than clean red bus. I tried a few grab shots with my trusty TZ25. Some worked surprisingly well but in several cases the autofocus locked on the dirt on the window, throwing the scene outside into very soft focus.

The results are so bad as to be almost interesting, so I have uploaded a few.

LondonLondonTrafalgar Square

To me this looks rather like a very poor autochrome.  I like it in, an odd sort of way!


November 08


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