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Joyeuse Fetes

December 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I have to admit that I am not very keen on the celebrations at the end of December. The short days and deteriorating weather do not make this the best time of year for me.  That said we have had some mild conditions of late but lots of grey skies. Still, this has been no excuse not to get out and to see how the town is marking Xmas and the New Year, especially as the best images are to be had in the evening when the illuminations are to be appreciated.

It must be said that Villedieu does make an effort. Gillingham on the other hand looked rather sad when we were there at the start of December - perhaps it has managed to do more since - we will see next week. Anyway, we have been out to take a few snapshots here - just to get a bit of the atmosphere - and some are posted in a gallery that should just be temporary. The images were mostly take with our trusty Panasonic compacts which as we have seen before can produce very acceptable hand held night images. Some may recall the "Monopoly" night shoots in London.

Since our first efforts in Villedieu we have had another look around. Yesterday (Wednesday 23rd) the weather was more cheerful so I have added a few more images to the collection. We hope this give some idea of how the town is celebrating Les Fetes.


I always like to see the column with the statue of Marianne lit in the evenings and now she has some extra illuminations. She seems to embody the secular nature of the occasion. There are many other nice details around the place.

It will soon all be over and we can look forward to the days gradually lengthening once more.

Joyeuse Fetes et Bonne Annee 2016



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