Happy New Year for 2016

January 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Happy New Year Everyone!

We took a little walk in the gardens of Stourhead this morning, getting out before the rain which was expected around mid-day. With a more or less uniformly grey sky I did not expect to take photographs and only had a small, and not very young, compact camera in my pocket. When we got there the calm of the morning, and around at 10 am, the small number of visitors, made the place rather charming and certainly restful. I had to take some snapshots and have tided up a few to put in the relevant gallery.


Given the mild weather of December it was not really surprising to see primroses flowering along with the snowdrops. There was also at least one rhododendron in flower, albeit a known precocious variety.

It made for a pleasant start to the year. Not great photography, but after so many grey and damp days it was good to record something.

1st January 2016


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