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Lith Printing once more

October 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A little suitable paper remains in our reserve, including our last few sheets of the much missed Kentmere Warmtone.

Having recently developed a film of miscellaneous shots from this year including some beach huts and a few frames from our recent visit to Hameau Gruchy (the birthplace of J-F Millet) I decided to mix some lith developer again and put it to work. At the same time I took the opportunity to reprint some of Kanchan's earlier pictures from Missenden seaside shoots. This is part of a bigger ongoing project. As ever the results were mixed, but this print of Bosham Church is quite successful.

Bosham 3Bosham 3Bosham church by KH, 2003

On Kentmere warmtone
The process also works well for the beach huts.

Riva Bella 1Riva Bella 1Riva Bella cabanes de plage


Lith Print
A few more images have been added to the ever-growing gallery of lith prints.


Villedieu 2016 October 05



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