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Printing Out

October 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

More autumn sunshine made me think of trying some printing out processes again. Cyanotypes work well enough from medium format negatives but having found a bit of ancient Centennial Printing out Paper in our archives I wanted to give that a go.

After many years of not very careful storage the paper was not in the best condition. Nor did we have any of the gold toner that can help stabilise the image, but I tried it nevertheless. I soon found that it was easier to work with an ultra-violet lamp than to rely on the sun which at this time of year is not so intense as one would like. It was also clear that with our rather tired paper good, contrasty negatives were wanted. I made one image from a digital interneg  that I had produced long ago when working on gum bichromate prints. That worked well enough.

Portrait on PoPPortrait on PoPPortrait from digital interneg, on centennial PoP, selenium toned

The print was washed and then toned in some selenium toner in place of the usual gold, then fixed in some straightforward hypo, for quite a short time. I hope the result proves stable, but in case it is not I scanned it as soon as possible.

Prints direct from recent medium format negatives worked less well but with more patience I might get better results. The few prints that I did get wanted some digital enhancement after scanning so I have added just one to the gallery.

News from the recent Missenden Photographers trip to Poole should follow before long. In the meanwhile I think we will be off to the seaside in Normandie.

BH Villedieu 31 October 2016



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