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The last of the Kentmere Warmtone

October 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I suppose having some good photographic paper left in store is a bit like have fine wine laid down in the cave. Eventually it has to be used and when it is gone it is gone. Well I had a few sheets of Kentmere Warmtone left and decided, with some negatives that might benefit from lith printing, to use them us this morning. Hence I have been able to add a couple more pictures from Hameau Gruchy and a couple from the Calvados coast to the Lith collection. I admit that this has now got rather large - almost out of hand - and promise myself to do something eventually to sort it out. Anyway I am quite pleased with what I have got. For example

GruchyGruchyHameau Gruchy

on Kentmere warmtone
and for the sense of fin de saison at the coast

Riva Bella - fin de saisonRiva Bella - fin de saisonRiva Bella

on Kentmere warmtone
(I do not think this one was quite flat when I scanned it).

So, no more Kentmere to make lith prints with but we have a bit of Art Classic in reserve and this works well with the beach scenes.

I look forward to being able to take another roll or two of film when the weather permits.


Villedieu  14 Oct 2016




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