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By the Seaside

November 17, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Of late we have made a number of trips to the seaside – Poole in the company of some of the Missenden Photographers and a few of the places in our corner of Normandy that are in easy reach.

The definitive group book of Poole in production and we look forward to seeing that. In the mean time we have put together our own memento of the town. It may be seen at


I must replace my temporary Poole gallery with some new images in a permanent position.

Here in France I have made a point of photographing on film and often of printing with lith developer on suitable papers. This should in time become a substantial project but in the interim I have produced a little book of some of the images taken hors saison. The results can be seen here


A larger book may follow next year if we manage to get to more of the locations on my (mental) list, at appropriate times.


Villedieu 2016-11-17



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