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February 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A last - an improved Blurb book of a selection of my images from England has been put together. It is something that I had been working at, on and off, for a long time but it is done. The book may be previewed at:-


if the link works … otherwise you may have to search around within the Blurb site.

The images are all scanned from original silver halide prints. Most date from the 1990s and a good proportion were taken on Missenden Abbey group shoots. Several are already shown on this site, like this old favourite of mine from 1995.

Southwark June 1995Southwark June 1995Workshop or offices -underneath the railway arches

Others will not have been published before.

Overall it is quite an eclectic collection to which I have tried to give some sort of order. Whether in the end it says anything coherent about England is debatable, but then there is probably not a lot coherent about England itself.


The sun is coming out. The days are getting longer. The Mois de la Photo in the region of Vire and the Bocage Normande is about to open. It may be time to think of doing some new work.


2016 Feb 25



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