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Back into the Blue

November 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Having unearthed some of my old internegs I decided to have another go at making some Cyanotypes. The ready-made solution purchased from Firstcall was in my secure cupboard and some suitable paper was at hand. In fact I tried two or three papers but the Bristol Board was easily the most suitable. The internegs on the other hand were a bit mixed. Most had been prepared digitally via a laser printer which  did not always produce the most even results (see the portrait of the Civil War re-enactor). Moreover, the internegs had been prepared for Gum Bichromate printing and were not necessarily best suited to cyanotype. Anyway, I got some results. Sometime the paper washed out better than others. Maybe excessive coating or maybe leaving the paper too long before use is an issue. More experimentation is wanted but I have been encouraged by the results. (It helps to read the instructions.)

Le Bocage NormandLe Bocage NormandBuilding with corrugated iron
Cyanotype from digital interneg

More experiments must follow - but first I ought to make more big negatives as I still have a bit of sheet film somewhere in the basement!

Brian Hellyer

Villedieu 2017 Nov 17




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