England Overlooked

February 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Since making a book of images from England taken at the end of the 20th century (This England) I have become aware of quite a few negatives that were overlooked in that first exercise or which were taken a few years later. These I am in the process of organising and often of printing. Many but not all of the prints are produced using lith developer on suitable warm papers. The images are often quite banal, of unexceptional places and events. Others do show some of the grandeur of the cities but these are rarer and may be seen as providing some contrast to the everyday views.

While the work is in progress I thought to make a gallery of some of these prints, entitled England Overlooked, a title which I intend to give to a Blurb book eventually. This gallery is within the England group.

Buckingham 2000-lith-005-2Buckingham 2000-lith-005-2

To make up for putting even more images on the site I have started, rather tentatively, to delete images from other collections. In doing so I will reduce the digital content and try to concentrate more on argentique, or silver halide, processes.


Villedieu 2017 February 10



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