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More Lith Experiments

February 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Having bought some new paper, and also having rediscovered some old which I had not used for a while. I tried yesterday a few little experiments with lith developer.

Ilford Multigrade Art paper on a Hahnemuhle base is clearly a lovely paper for normal printing but suspecting it had a bit of warmth I decided to try it in the lith dev. It did develop in about the same time (5 or 6 minutes) that I would have expected from more the papers I have normally used for this process. The images is less warm than I might have hope for but it has a certain equality that makes further experimentation likely.

Oxford 1992Oxford 1992Oxford November 1992
Missenden ASG shoot
on Ilford MG Art

Some Foma 331 RC paper had been hiding on my shelves for a while. Normally I would not think of using RC paper for lith work but I had a go and the results were better than I had expected.

Oxford 1992Oxford 1992Oxford November 1992
Missenden ASG shoot
On Foma 331

Both photos come from a Missenden ASG shoot at Oxford in November 1992 - which I had also more or less forgotten!



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