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A change of direction

May 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Having had a few new attempts at making laser transfer images we have decided to give that a rest for a little bit. In order to put some images together, and to make something vaguely useful, we have produced a diary for the coming academic year


which was uploaded 26 may ‘18

However, I am aware that at the end of 2017, before I was struck down as it were, we were working on more cyanotypes. A Blurb book of cyanotypes


was produced in December 2017 but the work is far from finished. The relevant gallery had not been updated for a while and there are plenty more images that might have been included, and doubtless more to come. Today I produced a couple of trial prints, including this one:-

Bristol (B)Bristol (B)bristol street art
Cyanotype by BH - printed May 2018

Despite some very poor coating of the paper this has worked quite well so we are encouraged to try some more in the next few weeks, before getting back to laser transfers. If the cyanotype process takes a bit longer at least there are no noxious fumes to inhale!

BH   Villedieu   2018 May 27


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