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Yet More Laser Transfers

May 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Not being able to get out much for the first part of the year my photographic activity started with imaging nearby objects, such a tulips from the garden here in Villedieu (the tulips did well this year).

Then with my ability to drive re-established we were able to go across to Bristol briefly in early May where we found some new street art under the M32 near Easton. Again some of these have been rendered as Laser Transfer images - after I persuaded myself to buy a new colour laser printer.

Some of the results have been posted on the site - the first new images for a long time! Here is one example

Bristol-M32-02Bristol-M32-02Street art - under the M32 at Easton


And more from K

Lisbon 2017Lisbon 2017Poster
Laser Print Scanned


Villedieu - updated 22 May 2018



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