I have been writing blog posts, on behalf of the two of us, for a little while now.

I do not suppose the quality has improved much in that time but we are gratified when people take note of what we have been doing. Clearly some posts get read. We appreciate feedback, say through a brief e-mail and will reply to any received (so long as they are not trying to sell something!)

Brian and Kanchan

(We ought to appologise to our French friends and colleagues that everything is in English at the moment. I will try to provide a bit of translation in time, but it will have to be accurate otherwise I will get 'negative feedback'.)


Infrared etc

April 09, 2017  •  1 Comment

The weather is getting better and in particular the light has recently been more propitious to photographing on film again.

I have been able to carry out a couple of little essays into shooting with film. A couple of weeks ago I bought one of M Leclerc's pinhole cameras - Larouge 135 and have had a couple of goes at making it work. The first time I overexposed everything but on Friday (7 April) I did rather better taking some pictures in the late afternoon sun near the river in Villedieu.

Yesterday (9 April) we went to the Abbey of Hambye on a bright and decidedly warm afternoon. I took my trusty Nikon FM with a Rollei Infrared film and of course the customary red filter. In both cases I have been able to develop and scan the films but have not yet has the opportunity to print any of the frames properly. Some are promising so I have posted some of the negative scans on the site, in a new gallery.

Stenopé (pinhole) - from negativeStenopé (pinhole) - from negativeVilledieu
Taken with a Larouge 135
on Ilford FP4 - scanned from negative

In theory the scans should not stay very long, just until I am able to make decent prints and to display some of them. With the preparations for the Pont-Farcy club expo in May still in progress they will have to wait a little.



2017 April 10


England Overlooked - the book

March 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The book mentioned earlier has at last been sent to Blurb and should be available for preview at


It is a bit of a mixture, but then so is the country itself.

We have not taken many new pictures recently but I have added a couple more recent prints to the ‘lith’ gallery.


Perhaps a book of my 40 or 50 favourite lith prints may be in order before too long. I think they look better on paper than on screen.



Villedieu 2017-03-22


A bit more Street Art

March 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Having noticed some street art under the M32 by Stapleton Road, Bristol, I was pleased to have the opportunity to stop and take a few photos on our way to St Marks Road. 

Bristol street ArtBristolWe are golden Under the M32, beside Stapleton Road

The light under the elevated motorway was not wonderful but I have added this one image to the gallery as well as a rather surreal piece of wall painting in St Mark's Road itself.



2017 March 04


England Overlooked

February 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Since making a book of images from England taken at the end of the 20th century (This England) I have become aware of quite a few negatives that were overlooked in that first exercise or which were taken a few years later. These I am in the process of organising and often of printing. Many but not all of the prints are produced using lith developer on suitable warm papers. The images are often quite banal, of unexceptional places and events. Others do show some of the grandeur of the cities but these are rarer and may be seen as providing some contrast to the everyday views.

While the work is in progress I thought to make a gallery of some of these prints, entitled England Overlooked, a title which I intend to give to a Blurb book eventually. This gallery is within the England group.

Buckingham 2000-lith-005-2Buckingham 2000-lith-005-2

To make up for putting even more images on the site I have started, rather tentatively, to delete images from other collections. In doing so I will reduce the digital content and try to concentrate more on argentique, or silver halide, processes.


Villedieu 2017 February 10


A new blurb book by Kanchan

February 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A new Blurb Book has just been produced

It may be viewed (we hope) at:-



This is a selection of Kanchan’s images on B&W film from visits to coastal towns with the Missenden Photographers (from the 2 year course to the ASG), from 1992 to 2004.

It is a substantial book of over 100 pages and makes an interesting comparison with her recent smaller book fo digital images from the coasts of Normandy in 2016.



B & K H


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