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A very mixed set of images from various parts of southern England and a little beyond.
As with other parts of the site this will evolve over time and pictures will come and go. Eventually some sort of overall theme may possibly emerge. It has not done so yet, but there are clearly some small sets of related images within this rubrique.

Several Images have been moved to a section devoted to the National Trust.

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ShadowCowleaze Wood 1Cowleaze Wood 2Birmingham cascade and fountainsStourhead November 2007In Cowleaze WoodIn Cowleaze WoodIn Cowleaze WoodIn Cowleaze WoodCheeses - Sturminster Festival 2007Wendover Canal FestivalPrestwood Steam Fair July 1991Prestwood Steam Fair July 1991Prestwood Steam Fair July 1994Prestwood Steam Fair July 1994Print works, SalisburySalisbury, Mayoral ProcessionSalisbury, Mayoral ProcessionNorth Dorset - Horse Show - September 2007Birmingham 2