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Brittany is rich in megalithic monuments, of which Carnac is the biggest and best known. Other, smaller sites may be equally interesting and easier to photograph once you find them.
(England also has its share of which Stonehenge and Avebury are the most obvious. Pictures of those may be located elsewhere.)
We have photographed several and mean to photograph more. The images will be collected here, over time, but see also Lith Prints.

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Megaliths at Cojoux (St Just)Megaliths at Cojoux (St Just)Megaliths at Cojoux (St Just)Megaliths at Cojoux (St Just)Cojoux (St Just)Cojoux (St Just)CarnacDolmenLe Cordon des DruidesLa Roche aux FeesDolmen - La MadeleineKerzerho, MorbihanKezhero MorbihanLes Geants de ManioLes Geants de ManioMegalithic Monument at Mane-KerionedPleslin - Cimitiere des DruidesPleslinMonteneufMonteneuf