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We visited Tunisia in December 2001, well away from the main holiday season. We had been once before some years earlier and were interested to see the country again. I (BH) took several films, mostly B&W but some colour. I used fairly fast (400ISO) films because of the grey skies that were expected. Some negatives were printed fairly soon but then the pictures were put aside. Only recently have I returned to what is a fairly mixed set of images in order to make some sort of sense of them. Most that I have chosen are architectural. With buildings covering some 2000 years of its history Tunisia offers plenty of interest in this area. I regret that the people of the country have not played a larger part in the collection but they are not excluded entirely.

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Thurbubo Majus - remains of the roman townEl Djem (Thysdrus) - the ampitheatreKairouan - the grand mosqueKairouan mosque - doorAqueduct - Oudna (with cyclist)Traveler - OudnaModern buildings - concrete and ceramic tilesModern concrete house - unfinishedNeglected buildingHouse - HammametTraditional door - SousseDoor - HammametHouse facade with ceramic tiles - SousseWindowsShopRural Primary SchoolSousse - mosqueSousse - houseSousse - creperieSousse - street corner